Sending up to a $500,000.00 of Equipment

Carmen and I had the privilege of hosting Pastor Peter Kasivuru, his wife Irene and their team from Africa Renewall Ministry ARM at our house last week. We took them and their team to Yosemite, had them on Kingdom Talk Radio and also took them for a tour of Medical Ministries International MMI in Fresno. You can see and hear the radio interview below on my FB stream. ARM, with Pastor Peter at the helm, leads over 800 churches, and has established medical clinics, schools and orphanages in Africa all to the Glory of God! Now that is Kingdom!!! Got hope Inc, the non-profit that Carmen and I founded is collaborating with MMI and ARM to send a medical container full of equipment and supplies to Uganda in Jesus name. The beauty of it is that we will be sending up to a $500,000.00 of equipment and we only have to raise the funds to pay for shipping and for the container! That is about about a 30 times return on the investment for the kingdom! Thank you Lord! If you would like to invest in the kingdom this way, I will be posting a link to donate here in the next week or so.. Be blessed